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Web Stories from CMS January 2009

Stories from the CMS website 

There's a lot going on in Gaza. Here are some web connections from my agency, CMS. They are all people and places I know and have visited. I have included another couple of stories from Nepal (also on reconciliation) and Pakistan  (on environment).   

Anglican hospital at full stretch in Gaza
In Gaza city the staff of the Al Ahli Anglican hospital are struggling to save lives despite a lack of supplies
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The Middle East needs prayer and prophets

In the midst of war, we must pray but also speak out against the misuse of power, says Salim Munayer
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Gaza: Love and the Enemy
Tanas Alqassis, a Palestinian Christian, makes a heartfelt call for prayer in the spirit of the Prince of Peace.
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LISTEN   Tour of Reconciliation 
True reconciliation Palestinian and Jewish believers say only Jesus can bring peace 
 Part 1 - the Palestinian experience. Part 2 - biblical reflection. Part 3 - practical experience of reconciliaiton in Israel-Palestine Part 4 - so what, now what?

Gaza PowerPoint
Facts, statistics and prayers about Gaza in the current crisis, prepared by CMS regional manager Tanas Alqassis
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Conflict as necessary for positive change?
Stephen Edison is doing his part to meet Nepalis’ need for conflict resolution and cathartic community transformation.
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The greening of Rattanabad
A ground-breaking nature-reserve-cum-organic-farm project in Pakistan is restoring people’s relationship with the enviroment...
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