Friday, 23 January 2009

Osaka Church Baptism

After all the Big Headline news on macro issues, I thought it was nice to hear some micro news from a small church in Japan.  

From Pam in Osaka (Mon 19th Jan) 

We  had a very blessed Communion Service with the Baptism, Confirmation and also Thanksgiving Prayers for the baby you can see in the middle of the picture.
Emiko is next to the Bishop and then her daughter who came to the church
for the 1st time. She was baptised with the name Theresa as she wants to know what is a Mother's love as she feels because of a divorce and 
stroke 14 years ago she could show love to her children. Her words at
lunch as to what God has done for her in the last two and a half months
were a blessing to us all. 

The Bishop has now visited 16 of the churches in the diocese-6 more to go. He started his sermon by saying looking at the congregation we were the youngest church so far. He actually said a big age drop. I am so thankfull that God has blessed Shonai with an age range. The oldest is actually 98 and has only just stopped coming to church after a fall. 

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