Sunday, 9 May 2010

local-global mission

I came across this quote which I liked:

Local People Global Mission

"Mission is everything the local-global church is sent into the world to be and do as a participant in God's mission and every person and gift the local-global church receives in Christ's name and way. The missional practice of the local-global church must be holistic, with activities of evangelism, compassionate service, and social justice. God's loving mission is two-way; it includes both giving and receiving. Every person, religion and culture has material, intellectual, aesthetic, social, affective, and spiritual values that the other can receive."

Sherron K. George, "From Missionary to Missiologist at the Margins" in Teaching Mission in a Global Context, eds., P Lloyd-Sidle and Bonnie Sue Lewis, (Louisville:Geneva press, 2001)

A colleague used the same article as a basis for a reflections she gave Available on FULCRUM

Cathy Ross

'Educating for Contextual Mission'

by Dr Cathy Ross, CMS Crowther Centre