Saturday, 9 January 2016

Peace Garden @ Muslim Burial Ground #Woking

The Peace Garden at the restored Muslim Burial Ground at Woodham Common, Woking as featured on BBC recently.  Read a description here 

This is the BBC documentary, featuring my good friend Zafar Iqbal, who is works for Woking Council.

It is a more extended version there (c 1 hour)  is also a shorter version here  (c 20 mins) 

You can watch also Woking Borough Councils short film about the site  
If you look carefully you can see a bloke sitting on the bench in the opening sequence - which is me!)

 It seems really important in our day to recognise the contribution Muslim troops made in WW1 in the defence of Britain. It offers a very different narrative to so much of the polarisation that we hear today.


Thursday, 7 January 2016


Here is our latest ‪#‎SimpsonSaga‬ 2015  ..... 
You can download the the rest from dropbox  here
As usual it is written between Western Christmas (25th December) and Orthodox Chirstmas (7th January)    we were all involved in adding to each others write-ups.  Therefore it is  very tongue-in-cheek,  a mixture of reality and humour.  At least you will get to see some of our family pics ....

Enjoy! And Happy (Orthodox) Christmas ...