Thursday, 27 November 2008

Asia Stories November 2008

Holy Land: Living Stones

The Holy Land Trip was a very great success, the group had the chance to hear lectures about End Time Theology, Reconciliation, History of the Conflict and meet with Israeli human rights activist. Their trip to Hebron was the biggest highlight and meeting Parliament member from Hamas and Fatah was of a great advantage as they asked many questions. The last day, we met a group of Messianic Jewish Soldiers who talked about their experiences, hopes, fear and passion. Over all the group was very satisfied, happy and encouraged to see that there is hope in the Holy Land. All of the did urge us to make similar trips so that people can get a taste of the reality and meet the living stones.

Painting Magi in Bethlehem  

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Even the elusive Banksy sought out the Palestinian artists who helped Frederica Venn to repaint a mural of the Magi in Bethlehem. Have you heard the one about the Englishwoman, a couple of Palestinians, Banksy and the three Easterners? No, neither had we.
Artist and former CMS 'Make a difference' volunteer Frederica paints us a picture………..
For more on this story see CMS website

AFGHANISTAN – Aid worker killed

Gayle Williams, 34 SouthAfrican /UK citizen working with SERVE, among disabled Afghans. Shot in Kabul whilst walking to work by 2 men on a motorbike Sun 19 Oct 2008. A member of Hillsong London and well known to 2 members of CMS staff, Nicole and Zoe, who appeared on BBC TV to give a very moving interview about her.

Cyd Mizell, a 49 year old American woman was kidnapped from a residential neighborhood as she was on her way to work in Kandahar, Afghanistan on Jan 26th 2008. She worked with Asian Rural Life Foundation. From Southwestern Baptist Church, Texas. Still missing (presumed killed?)

‘About 30 aid workers, including Afghans and foreigners, were killed and 92 abducted across Afghanistan from January to September 2008, according to a separate report Ban Ki-moon presented to the Security Council on the situation in Afghanistan on 23 September’. Irin News 

Philippines: ‘world to rights’ Manilla tour  

Sept visit to  Tim and Kate of Jigsaw Kids ministry

The privilege of working here with Jigsaw means we not only get to travel to these areas but we are welcomed by the local people and join in with their lives. We started by visiting one project in a squatter dwelling (Shanty town area). 
The building was bustling with 50 or 60 toddlers playing with toys scattered everywhere. I imagined Zara my daughter being there, she would have loved it. The group was run by a team of about 6 Jigsaw workers, themselves from the squatter area. After open play the children were led in circle games and sang Christian songs with actions. Everyone was then seated on the floor and a white sheet appeared held by two helpers across the room. We were suddenly the audience of a puppet show. The children absolutely loved it and so did Mike and I.                      (Extract from the Dave's BLOG)

PAKISTAN: Waking up to Quetta quake

Quake victims 2 in a bed in Quetta Hospital

With the death toll now at 200 and 15,000 made homeless, local Christians and CMS partners are already responding to the Balochistan earthquake. The shaking in the Quetta home of Joan and Nigel at four o’clock and again at five o’clock in the morning was a bit disconcerting. But, mindful of the stories of an earthquake in 1935 – that killed over 30,000 people in the city but spared the Christian hospital where the Bulls are based – they went about their business. Later they heard that the earth tremors were the effects of a major earthquake just 34 miles away. The hospital decided to send a first response medical team to the Ziarat area and Dr Ron, veteran of working in the region, went with them. CMS was quickly checking on the situation and a grant of £10,000 has been sent to Quetta Christian hospital to cover initial costs.

MONGOLIA: Alternative Medicine Encounter 


a good listening ear !

Rev. Park, a Korean methodist pastor who has been serving Children Fellowship in Ulaan baatar for 13 years, lead our team with intensive schedule. Ram from Nepal, Mehgan and Catherine from Korea led by Rev. Simon, visited Mongolia from 25th Sept to 2nd October.  Cooperation between peoples in UB is regarded as a model case. Koreans form a big group, and others are mainly included in an umbrella organanisation: Joint Christian Service International. 

JCS shares the office and resources to reduce duplication of facilities and investments involved in project work. Alternative medicine proved to attract both young and aged people in local parish and outback region. The team heard not a few positive echoes from them. This service formed a room for intimate communication including diagnosis, recipe, care of health. According to the exploration during this trip, the service could be continued with confidence.