Monday, 12 November 2012

Addicted in Afghanistan

I was sent the link to a new film. It is based in a part of the world I used to work in and all about the type of work I was involved in......  

It is with great excitement that we can finally announce our multi-award winning feature length documentary "Addicted in Afghanistan" is now available to stream or buy to download here!
Thanks to Distrify you can watch this film and if you embed it on your own blogs or websites, you get to earn  revenue from film sales!  Please see the Addicted website for further details about the film.

"Addicted in Afghanistan" now available to stream or download! 
It looks like a  great movie  Let me now what you think about it ......

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Still Point

I visited the Lightbox in Woking earlier and saw an excellent installation: Still Point by Suki Chan, a Hong Kong artist.

You can read more about it on and here

Suki Chan’s new work, Still Point, is a film installation that engages with sacred spaces and places of pilgrimage.
"Whilst filming in sacred sites in Jerusalem, I was struck by how some parts of the city have two names, one in Hebrew and the other in Arabic. How one population can ‘unsee’ another group. How one part of the city is closed off to another group – by borders which are sometimes physical and sometimes psychological."
Still Point transports the audience from the site of the humble wooden structures offering refuge along Pilgrims’ Way in Northumberland, to contested sacred sites in Jerusalem, and the interior spaces of abandoned Syrian villages in the Golan Heights.

Have a look at the preview on Vimeo  Well worth it.......

It's based on the poem by T S Elliot   The Still Point in a turning world.   
I loved the 2 sacred:spaces visited:  Lindisfarne and Jerusalem... Holy Island and Holy City