Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Asia Stories March & April 2008

Stories about Asia on the CMS website 

  Let Chinese Christians fan the flame
As London prepares to welcome – or protest – the arrival of the Olympic Torch, many international missions are gearing up for outreach at the Beijing Olympics. But David Wang of Asian Outreach would prefer foreign ‘gospel-tract bombers’ to stay away  4th April 2008  Read more 

In a month when it was reported that more than 40,000 children were trafficked in Benin in 2006 alone, a woman in Bangladesh forced into prostitution wins a ‘miraculous’ court victory over her exploiters.  14th March 08 Read more 

An historic drive by CMS to support more indigenous international workers is bearing its first fruits in one of the most remote regions of the world  26th March 08 Read More 

The Crusades: Francis of Assisi and Martin Luther. What does it mean to take up the Cross in the context of Islam?  3rd March 08  Read More