Saturday, 30 August 2008

Stories from the web August 08

  Gruesome violence hits Orissa again
Deadly attacks on Indian Christians follow the murder of a right wing Hindu leader though police say Maoists to blame
29th August 08   Read More

  Eyewitness: Georgia
Just three days after Russian tanks rolled into Georgia, one CMS partner was heading into the conflict zone: Merab of Zarebi, an Orthodox humanitarian charity. He reports here in his own words the frustration and fear of the Georgian people and his own personal view of the situation       29th August 08   Read More 

Mind-numbing statistics about children living and working in the Philippines are a powerful catalyst for Kate and Tim's caring work there.
5th August 08  Read More

The Chinese government’s top earthquake relief official is thrilled with the response of CMS partners Asian Outreach and their social arm ActionLove. David Wang, former president of Asian Outreach, visited him at his Beijing HQ.     1st August 08  Read More