Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Stories from the web September 08

  A selfish world
The tragic Marriott Hotel bombing in Islamabad revealed much about the prevailing culture in Pakistan, says Aamir.    25th September 2008  Read More 

  Orissa: mass protests, suicide threats
In Delhi a mass fast, in Orissa some Christians turn violent while others threaten suicide in climate of fear.   26th Septemeber 08 Read More 

  Preparing for climate change in Bangladesh
The impact of future climate change threatens Bangladesh with widespread social suffering. James outlines what is being done.   19th Septemeber 08  Read More 

  Faiths join protest in Orissa
Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs joined a solidarity rally in support of Orissa’s persecuted Christians this week,  18th September  Read More 

As attacks on Christians in Orissa spread to new states, Indian church leaders are meeting to plan joint response.   18th September 08   Read More 

After weeks of violent persecution, Orissa’s Christians now face forced conversion as they come out of hiding.     12th September 08   Read More

  Relating to Muslim neighbours
Transformation in an Islamic context — a family living and working in North Africa relate their experience of how such change has developed quite naturally.  5th September Read More