Friday, 16 January 2009

Hudson River plane crash

Passengers await rescue on the wings of the ditched aircraft

As a frequent traveller the story of the N.Y. Hudson River Miracle really hit home. 
Some of the pictures show just how incredible it was. All 155 people rescued  and it was COLD (-5 oC).  It's certainly good to hear good news occasionally in the midst of so many things going wrong.   And it is reminiscent of those other N.Y. plane crashes in Sept 2001  with a very different end result.  This one was caused by a flock of birds. Nothing sinister.   Maybe that is why this story has hit home. Given all the pain and agony and disbelief that was caused back in 9/11  it is such a relief do see a disaster averted. 

Now that reminds me  I must book those plane tickets. I've got to go places.   


danjul said...

Yes, that surely would hit home to those of us who are up in the air a lot of times. Remember Richard P.? Dan's plane in Kabul last Sept. almost collided with another plane. "We are immortal until the Lord's work in our lives is done."

MullaNusraddin said...

I certainly do remember Richard. I was gutted. You can read my reflection on my old blog

was it really 5 years ago now!!!?