Saturday, 10 January 2009

GloboChrist Carl Raschke Jan 09

I came across this review on Matt Wilsons blog 'living the story: embodying the kingdom'
'Review GloboChrist'  13 Dec 2008 

In his book, “GloboChrist”, Carl Raschke’s main question is how can we take the Great Commission and look at it from the lenses of postmodernity. This is an important question and idea to think about. With an understanding for this time and culture, this book is the postmodern/global “Christ and Culture”. With his use of examples and relevant contextualizing ideas about consumerism, Christianity and mass market and Islam, Raschke explores the world around us and how we can truly live out the Great Commission. Raschke is daring, challenging and refresh in his writing and thinking that will fly in the face of most thinking and models an important way of thinking in this global society that is emerging today. This is a important book within a conversation of how do we respond to the world around us.

There's also a great YouTube Mr Bean clip  on the Greatest Interpretation Ever Given .... 
Once I learn how to embed such clips I'll start adding them. 

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