Monday, 19 January 2009

Prayer for Obama

I was sent a copy of this picture back in November- prayer over Obama   - I dont know anything about the circumstances but it is  a powerful image, surrounded by his brothers and sisters.  And it seems pertinent the day before his inaugaration as a reminder for us to pray.  
It is an important occasion with all sorts of consequences - not least for the Middle East preace process. My hope is that the he will be able to deliver on some of the things that have been promised. Change is in the air.  

A Friend of mine from CMS  - Yemi  -  will be at the inaugaration - I dont know how he managed to wangle it  but he did,   He is a man with connections and it reminds me  how connected we are - 6 degrees of separation and all that.   

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Unknown said...

I love this picture! You're right -- a powerful image. May he continue to be sustained by prayer.

Found you via the CMS website.