Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Eureka - inspiration from unexpected sources

shell-eureka by isriya.

'Eureka: The best ideas come from the most unlikely places' 

I stumbled across  a short  9 min DVD film in a Cancer Research Charity Shop in Muswell Hill. You can view it on the Shell real energy site. 

It is the story of a Dutch engineer whi is responsible for energy resources. Whilst under stress working in SE Asian oil fields he struggles with leaving undrillable oil behind. He returns for a break to Amsterdam and confronts his wayward teenage son. And discovers that inspiration can come from the most unlikely places. 
I found it quite compelling even if it is a bit slick and commercial and seems to ignore environmental issues.   
But it encouraged me to keep looking for indirect, 'snakey, bendy' solutions to what might look initailly like insurmountable problems. Inspiration is a gift. 


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