Saturday, 24 January 2009

Out of China: Monumental Porcelain

I visited the Lightbox in Woking, my local museum, on Saturday to see a new exhibition: 

Out of China  Monumental Porcelain By Felicity Aylieff

An exhibition of giant vessels, majestic in scale, produced between 2006 - 2007, which shows how the artist has taken the medium of clay and its decoration to a new sculptural level.

They were produced by the senior tutor at the Royal College of Art during a sabbatical in China. The work was done in Mr Yu's Big Ware factory in Jindezhen, China where traditional, massive vases are produced decorated with flowers and dragons.    Chinese patterns have been 
adapted and painted with large calligraphy brushes.  Names like:   Chasing Black,   Hu  Die Ji Jie - Butterfly Season, Lian Hua - Lotus Flowers,  Chinese Ladders.   They are huge - taller than people -  some 2 and 3 meters high.  They are a symbol of the Rising China - bigger,  better,  brighter.   

Read all about it on 24 hour Museum. The exhibition is running in Woking,  15 Jan to 15 March and entrance is FREE 

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