Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Diary of an Aid worker in Gaza

Picture of Islamic Relief aid worker, Hatem Shurrab
Hatem Shurrab works for Islamic Relief in Gaza

It is worth looking at the diary of a relief worker in Gaza on the BBC website 

It reads as a very ordinary, human insight into what has been happening, proof if any is needed that development crosses international and interreligious borders.   We can all pray for peace ..
25th January
Amid the rubble and destroyed buildings people are trying their best to return to normal life - if there ever was such a thing in Gaza.Part of that process is the children going back to school. Some of the schools have reopened and the pupils are eager to return...... 
I spoke to seven-year-old Mariam, from Tal El Hawa. Like other children she remembers the day the first bombs dropped and is now happy to be back in her classroom.
"I remember I was in an Arabic exam when I heard the bombs. I was too afraid until my dad came and took me back home. On the way I also heard very loud explosions," she said.
"Now it is calm. I am so happy that I am back at school. Today at school I chatted with my friends and classmates while we were sitting on the steps. Each of us had a story during what happened. Three of them had their homes totally destroyed. Our teacher also asked us about what happened with us. I told her about what happened."

Unfortunately today 27th it has all started again- 

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