Friday, 20 February 2009

Tahaan - a boy with a grenade

one of the advantages of travel is the opportunity to see different things. Access to different movies whether on the plane or the bazaars. 
I stumbled accross this truely beautiful film   'Tahaan: a boy with a grenade' Directed by Santosh Sivan

Set in war torn Kashmir (the Indian side) it tells the story of Tahaan an 8-year old boy who is parted from his beloved donkey, Birbal.   
It is an allegorical film,  a  parable  about searching for meaning.   His grandfather and mother look after Tahaan, since his father has been missing for 3 years.  They live in hope of his return. But for Tahaan the return of his donkey becomes his soul purpose in life.  He will do anything to get his donkey back.   So when he is asked by an older boy to carry a handgrenade over the military checkpoint his adventure takes on a  more dangerous turn.

It was shown at the BFI  in October 2008  and a  movie trailer preview is available on YouTube 
Also take a look at the  official website.
There are some stunning images. A great movie.

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