Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Satvana - a home in Pune

Satvana Home started in 2005. Dr Lalita Edwards had been working in the HIV/Aids field particularly with children at risk. Initially she was doing casework in Mumbai and alter focused on Pune.

According to Lalita, India has 19lakh (1.9million) women who are living with Aids. 90% are married and living in a monogamous relationship. ‘India is about to be hit by the worst epidemic in the world'
She started opening up her own home, initially to 6 girls, high risk children from traumatised backgrounds, some on Anti-retroviral treatment.

Satvana currently has 25 children staying with 2 more on the way. Many are orphans, but some with a living parent or relatives are able to go ‘home’ twice a year, although I suspect they find more of a home with Dr Lalita that they do elsewhere There was a great atmosphere when we visited, a positive caring environment where children can grow and learn and have a sense of hope.

She uses a building belonging to a church, which is rented, The children can attend the church and the local schools. Satvana only has only one full time staff member plus Lalita herself and a social worker, Shamil. Also some voluntary help.

But together they make a small army

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