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CMS is a carpet shop in Woking:  Coffee Machine Services (used to maintain the machines at partnership house) , Centre for medical services  in US,  Convention on Migratory species,   College Music Society   CMS energy  and computer maintenance services   and  Content management systems;  The Catholic Men's Society 

Most excitingly Compact Muon Solenoid    - Nuclear research in Switzerland 

On a Google Search  CMS UK is now No.4 under CMS. 

The possibilities are endless !  which has inspired me again!!    Sorry  



This is Tim Dakin’s favourite (other than his famous talk  ‘Complexity Made Simple’!)  It is a term originally coined by John Taylor  Community has become a major theme.  CMS is now an Acknowledged community (ref CMS website statement)

In addition we also have had an assessment by the Charity Commission  on  Public Benefit (ditto) . CMS was one of 4 religious organisation that were assessed

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Life has been hectic in CMS with a lot of meetings of the Senior Management Team to look at the implications of the Global Financial Downturn .  
We have had to make lots of cuts again this year  in mid stream   because we are £750k in deficit already  (there was a planned deficit of 500k for the year). So this has been very hard as it has meant some redundancies. So you can imagine the atmosphere at present
It also means people are watching expenditure like hawks and seeking to make savings wherever possible.

In was recently reminded of a timely quote by  Hudson Taylor

 'God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supplies'

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Rev Simon  in Seoul reports that they have reached a level of maturity now that they are 3 years old.   The presence of CMs has helped to catalyse the Anglican Church . The Bishop of Seoul Paul Kim has set up the Korean Internation Mission (KIM).

And there are many Anglican Priests now considering mission. Zinkoo and family in N Cyprus. Rev Peter is investigating a teaching placement in China. And a retired  Bishop also wants to go to Mongolia and China. Dominiq is planning to go to India. Others are looking at the Mekong Delta, Philippines  N.Korea  Japan.     

Bp Kevin of GLOBAL TEAMS  reported on an ANGLICAN CONFERENCE in Seoul:  

‘5 years ago there was a conference in the Anglican Church of Korea sponsored by GLOBAL TEAMS and Koram Deo along with a few congregations. The organizers felt it was the first such conference in the Anglican Church, at least the first they knew of. About 40 or 50 attended.  Last week there was a second such conference held at the Vision Centre of Disciples Church (also known as St. Columba's). CMS and GLOBAL TEAMS helped develop it.   There were over 100 to 150 people in attendance.   7 missos from CMS and GLOBAL TEAMS reported on their ministries in places like S.Korea, Nepal, India, China, Mongolia, Japan, and Vietnam. There was worship and prayer and a challenge to either GO or SEND. The involvement is growing among the Anglicans there....’



As part of the development of NETWORK MISSION, we have been experimenting with various social networks  

Facebook; incluing abgroup for CMS Asia and SACYN;  and now CMS has a Kindling community.  And we have registered a Website  address,, which we hope to activate in the Autumn / Fall

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One of the most encouraging meetings I have attended recently was the  Christian Muslim Forum and the launch of ethical guideline   for  evangelism – 10 commandments. They represent a hopeful sign of being able to work together  See details

I used them as part of a talk I was doing at the Guildford Diocesan Summer School  entitled  ‘Common Ground: being Deeply rooted and Profoundly open’=


The ASIA PROCESS has been engaging with partners and people in Mission around Asia. This has been an Appreciative Inquiry into the future, based on the 4-D cycle:  Describe Dream Design Deliver. It is about co-constructing reality together and so far we have had a lot of buy-in to and ownership of the process.

We have had meetings in Bangkok, Islamabad and Karachi in Pakistan, Pune India.  We have also had a follow up meeting in Islamabad and half process in Colombo.   We have a further 2 meetings to go  - in Oxford and Seoul

Peter of ALL Singapore  has conducted a survey of 10 Asian cities

At the SACYN Sri Lanka Core group  meeting we were able to conduct a mini process gathering stories and themes. 

There is a a commitment to report to trustees in October and a final report in January 2010. We had a SMT & Trustees where the go ahead was given to look at the Malaysian Peninsular as a coordinating office and continue to develop office  in Seoul and a base  in India alongside the Pakistan one.  So that’s generally going well.  KST, a CMS Trustee,  is visiting Malaysia soon and will make contact.   The enquiry process still has 2 more meetings  one in Oxford and one in Seoul, both in Sept.   We are trying to get all the write ups done of the process so far

Now we have
 appointed John as  part time Project Manager, we hope to be able to get more stuff done.  


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