Saturday, 18 July 2009



Gerard Kelly's Twitturgies are great. They are 'Tweets for the soul, personal liturgies in 140 characters or less'.   prayers for the mobile 

Here is a selction from July   and they are also archived.  Follow Gerard at BlessatBethanie 

God give me empathy more emphatic than my ego. Grant me poverty more perfect than my pride. Squeeze self. Reduce me to love    from mobile web

When circumstances are hard and heavy, God give me a weightlifter's strength. When challenges are steep and high, make me a mountain-climber    7:12 AM Jul 17th

On every plan and dream, I ask your blessing, God. Every call and conversation. If my schemes flail may your will yet be done   from web

Know your own mind. Hear your own heart. To your own self be true. But connect with your creator. Let the gardener who has grown you own you  from mobile web

Jesus isn't a patch on the old religion. He won't hold a candle to dark empty rituals. New fabric. New wine. New wineskins.  from mobile web

If love is in the air, give me lungs to breathe it God. If I can feel it in my fingers, give me faith to touch a broken world  from mobile web

God make me an ex-believer: created ex nihilio, freed by your exodus; sustained in exile; burned by extreme love; living in expectant hope   from web

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