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'Encounters' Redcliffe's Mission ezine


'Encounters'  the Redcliffe College ezine is an excellent free resource for poeple interested in misison  
Produced to resource the mission community, Encounters Mission Ezine is a topical mission magazine / mission journal published online every two months.  Encounters is a place to discuss issues being faced in mission and provides a unique space where those involved in mission can respond and express their views.

I want  to draw your attention to 2 editions in particular, which focus on Asia:  

Crucial issues facing Asian mission  ezine No 16 (Feb 07)

  Crucial Issues facing Asian Mission  ed Kang San Tan   a variety of issues facing Asian missions reflected through different approaches spanning North Asia, South Asia and South East Asia   You can download the full issue  or individual articles 

  • Article 1:  The Problem of an Alien Jesus for Asian Christianity with Special Reference to Chinese Buddhists.
    (Dr Kang San Tan, 3782 words) 
  • Article 2:  Mind the Gap: The Ongoing Need for Language Learning in Missions Training.
    (Dr Paul Woods, 2963 words)
  • Article 3:  There and Back Again: Reading an Exilic Text for the Post 1987 Operation Lallang Malaysian Church.
    (Rev Anthony Loke, 2522 words) 
  • Article 4:  Reconciliation as Mission.
    (Rev Dr Pervaiz Sultan, 2299 words) 
  • Article 5:  The Malaysian Dilemma: Where is the Racially Reconciled Community?
    (Peter Rowan, 1661 words)
  • Article 6:  The South Asian Diaspora: A Missed Opportunity?
    (Robin Thomson, 2549 words) 
  • Article 7:  The Growth of Christianity in Asia and its Impact on Mission.
    (Dr Julie Ma, 2730 words) 
  • Book Review 1:  A History of Christianity in Asia.
    (By Samuel Hugh Moffett; Orbis Books)
  • Book Review 2:  Shining Like Stars: The Power of the Gospel in the World's Universities.
    (By Lindsay Brown; Inter-Varsity Press)

Encounters Mission Ezine - Issue 24: Partnership Issues in Asian Mission  ezine No 24 (Jun 08) 

Partnership issues in Asian Misison    ed Jonathan Ingleby  consiting of the papers at the Redcliffe/OMF/CMS conference  Growing Asian Mission Movements: Issues and Models for Partnership   You can download the full issue  or individual articles  

  • Article 1:  China and Beyond: Issues, Trends and Opportunities - The Redcliffe Lecture in World Christianity, 2008.
    (Dr Patrick Fung, 7507 words) 
  • Article 2:  Asian Mission Movements from South Asian Contexts.
    (Robin Thomson, 3031 words)
  • Article 3:  Who is in the Driver's Seat? A critique of mission partnership models between Western missions and East Asian mission movements.
    (Dr Kang-San Tan, 3060 words) 
  • Article 4:  Mission Asia: Practical Models in Mission Partnership - a summary.
    (Dr Patrick Fung, 2083 words) 
  • Article 5:  Mission in Partnership: A Response.
    (Mark Oxbrow, 722 words) 
  • Article 6:  Reflections on a Conference: Putting partnership at the top of the agenda.
    (Dr Jonathan Ingleby, 640 words) 
  • Article 7:  A Dilemma for Obedience: An analysis of Japanese Christian Ethics in Silence by Shusaku Endo.
    (Rev Shuma Iwai, 3431 words) 
  • Book Review 1:  Just Walk With Me: A True Story of Inner-City Youth Work.
    (by Jude Simpson and e:merge; Authentic Media) 
  • Book Review 2:  The New Conspirators: Creating the Future One Mustard Seed at a Time by Tom Sine.
    (by Tom Sine; Inter-Varsity Press, USA) 

Redcliffe's ezine has many supporters and contributers, and CMS is one. I have written an article for the next issue based on a paper at the recent conference on Asian Mission Movements. It highlights some of the changes weare going through. I'll keep you posted on its publication.   

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