Wednesday, 18 March 2009

social networking audit

A new map of the Internet shows a core of tight connections (red) and an outer ring (purple) of looser connections.

I have just done a mini audit of the web2:0 technology, 'social networking' tools I am using (as part of a report on developements in Asia)  A few years back I wouldn't have understood half of the terms.  

This Blog ‘Wandering4loveofGod’ (50 posts so far in 2009) 
Facebook (422 friends) ‘CMS-Asia’ Group (84 members) SACYN (99), sacred:space (40) TWITTER (36 followers),  Plaxo (37 connections),  and now  'kindling – big fires start small'.  a CMS Network that I have just joined.
Then there are the Yahoo Groups: ‘faithconversations’(110), people_movement (73) ISAAC (55) CMSRegional (15) MAGI_Asia (2). All groups, or 'communities of practice', that I am helping to motivate. And that's just some of them.  They are very basic  - simple email forwarding systems. And some are more functional and popular than others.  

So far I've failed to upload  a video to YouTube (I've produced 2 of my own videos) and whist I have a Flickr account I've yet to upload pictures. (I've got so many - where to start!?) 'The virtual/spirit is willing but the physical/flesh is weak' 

I'm finding it all takes an inordinate amount of time.  I trust that it is all worth it. 
Any thoughts/ suggestions/ encouragements?
Is there anyone out there?? 

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