Tuesday, 17 March 2009

kindling - big fires start small

As we try to join up work around the CMS world, we are increasingly looking at social networking tools:  Facebook, Flikker, YouTube, Plaxo, MySpace, Blogging. These are among the many, many tools available to help us connect. 

I've been investing a  disproportionate amount of time and effort into all this, in the hope that we can encourage participation in the work of CMS in ASIA.
As well as this BLOG, we have set up various Yahoo Groups  (a bit old hat these days) some of which have been running for some time:  'faith conversations' (for dialogue about interfaith issues), 'people-movement' (for CMS people in mission),     

We also have  a Facebook for CMS-Asia.  I have just been connecting up my Twitter and the Blog through Twitterfeed,   which in turn links to my Facebook.
And now I've just joined the new experimental CMS community 'kindling - big fires start small'. Set up by Jeremy in the comms team, this group is hosted by Ning:create your own Social Network.   We'e even set up an ASIA CMS page as an experiment.   Our symbol is the starfish   based on the book the Starfish and the Spider

Why not come and join us and see where all this leads us....

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