Tuesday, 17 March 2009


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Martin Thomas a colleague from CMS has been writing creative poetry (I think inspired by Gerard Kelly) and has created a website makingsense.me.uk 

The_gardeners_apprentice_4His Gardener’s apprentice was the theme for our CMS Core Training at Windmill Farm. We even created a garden whilst we were there.  

LindisfarneHe has just been to Holy Island,  Lindisfarne on a retreat (I'm dead jealous) and has written another reflective poem on the experience. Well worth a read.

Gerard Kelly, by the way, has been doing some fascinating Twitturgies - a tweet for the soul - personal liturgies in 140 characters or less. I've signed up for them.  Here's a few recent ones  

Lead me God; to the place you have for me, at the pace you want for me. If I walk or run or wait in stillness, give me the tenacity to trust

If hope at times is hard to hold, you are still God. If dreams are dashed and desires delayed, you are still God. Still me, God, to know you

You hide the path you want for us under the path we walk. You bury wisdom in the places we pass. Give us, God, the determination to dig.

Tonight the tank is empty God. No reserve. No spark. Battery flat. But you are life and light, fuel and fulness. Plug me in, God: charge me

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