Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Sacred Pathways

I've just completed an online assessment based on the book Sacred Pathways by Gary Thomas

the online questionaire helps you identify your spiritual pathway to God, based on 9 spiritual temperaments: 

and Naturalists

You then get a profile which helps you identify your type. Which I presume will help you feel at home with your way of worshipping God. Rather than trying to be something you aren't.

According to my profile I am  Sensate - Loving God with the Senses:
Sensate Christians want to be lost in the awe, beauty, and splendor of God. They are drawn particularly to the liturgical, the majestic, the grand. They want to be filled with sights, sounds, and smells that overwhelm them. The five senses are God's most effective inroad to their hearts.

Plus quite a bit of a caregiver (loving God through loving others) and naturalist (loving God out of doors) 

Why not give the questionaire a try.   We are exploring this as a theme at our next sacred:space on 4th April in christchurch, woking. 

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