Saturday, 19 February 2011

Painting Pictures

It's been a long time since I blogged - (last one was October last year) - lot's happening at work and I suppose I have been tweeting a lot .... But anyway, during the Winter break I have been doing 2 main things (i) Family History again (ii) painting (not again)

I suppose the family history is about rootedness - connecting to the story of the past. I may tell some of that on my other blog (familytreebeard) or maybe not.

And I suppose painting is also in some way about rootedness. It's certainly about noticing what is around and concentrating on the more artistic side of life. Maybe more on 'being' rather than so much 'doing'.

So I thought I would put some of the paintings on my blog. I am trying acrylics - inspired by the 'Drawing near to God' sacred:space evening we had (see link) but I have also been experimenting with a small sketch book and oil pastel crayons mainly because of portability.

So I'll start here with one of the sketch book painting and then add some more of the sketches later, maybe even backdating them to nearer the time I drew them to fill in blogging gaps!

I like Van Gogh and this is based on a painting he did towards the end of his life Church at Auvres He had been an evangelist at one point with a great passion for the poor and wanted to be ordained but was rejected by the institutional church. So maybe this painting represents something of an outsider, de-churched perspective...... It certainly inspired my own impressionistic efforts.....

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