Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Cafe Window - through a glass darkly

A couple of times a year, I meet with a group of half a dozen consultants in Barnes, London. Hence the name: 'Barnes Seminar'. We discuss an academic paper and each have a turn to be the focus of a group consultancy.

On this occasion, during my own space, I was invited to consider what I might paint on different canvases, representing past, present and future.

There was a small picture on the wall in the place where we were meeting, which I photoed and subsequently drew. I also added some thoughts inspired by the painting. The waiter in the South London (?) cafe, gazing out wistfully, seemed so full of 'possibilities'. But would (s)he ever move beyond the present and embrace these possibilities.

contain, form barriers,
part of our bounderies,
create 'insiders' and 'outsiders'
- 'us' and 'them'

keep down the noise,
dim the sound, protect secrets,
minimise interfering disturbance
- double-glazing.

distort our vision, imperfections
and colouring, dirt and dust,
frames and curtains
- 'open' and 'closed'

increase perspective, create yearnings,
opportunities, possibilities;
dreams and visions
- double-gazing.

I don't see things clearly, but here was a glimpse, as 'in a glass a darkly'

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