Thursday, 2 April 2009

UPDATES: Gaza and Diocesan schools

burned baby cropped

UPDATES: Gaza and Al Ahli Hospital  

Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza reports that they continue to be overwhelmed with patients like the little burn victim above.  Since the embargo is still in force, they suffer from shortages in basics such as toilet paper, detergent, sheets -- things you don't think of as being important until you don't have them.  Imagine trying to run a hospital without them. 
Suhaila Tarazi, Director of the Hospital writes, "Through your most recent donation, we have bought fuel and medicine and have sustained the running of the free medical missions.  Since January we have treated 1074 patients and can distribute milk, safe water and nutritious biscuits to more than 1200 children.  We also provide medical care for 200 chronically ill women."
Ann Veneman, Executive Director of UNICEF, recently toured Gaza.  She expressed deep concern about the war's effect on the children.  "The children are the innocent victims with the nightmares," she said.  "In Gaza, with 58% of the population under the age of 18 and so many schools severly damaged, there is an incredible amount of [psychological] work to be done."
Please keep the staff and patients in your prayers and in your hearts as we move toward Holy Week.  Too many in the Holy Land are suffering and you can help by going to our website at and clicking on the Donate Now button.  Give a meaningful gift this Easter by helping a family back to health and healing. 

(photo: Liane Marquis) 

Despite grinding poverty, Lorena works hard to do well in her school in Ramallah.  Thanks to full scholarship aid, she's able to stay in sixth grade despite her parents' sporatic employment.  School is a struggle for her and her two brothers, but they know that with an education comes choice for the future. 
Merna comes from Jericho. but lives at the Diocesan school in Ramallah.  Now in 10th grade, she's at the top of her class and works hard to stay there.  There are no Christian secondary schools in Jericho, and Merna's parents are not able to pay her school fees.  Scholarship help is the only way she will be able to attain her goal of college and a teaching career.  She wants to help other children learn and grow.
We can insure that these children stay in school through our contributions.  With our help, future civic leaders can build peace in a troubled land.

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