Monday, 27 April 2009

A mission giant - Dr Pat Nickson OBE

Rev Dr Patricia Nickson, long time CMS mission partner, died peacefully yesterday (, Sunday 26 April). She had suffered from abdominal cancer for nearly two years. Her health took a downward turn last Wednesday and she was transferred from hospital to a local hospice the following day. On Saturday, in a simple ceremony, she received a final anointing, heard a reading from Bishop Tom Wright’s book Surprised by Hope (which she greatly treasured) and her vicar prayed the Nunc Dimittis. Later various friends called to say their farewells. She is survived by a brother and a sister.

Pat Nickson, 62, was one of the mission giants of her generation. She worked in Northern Australia, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Congo and became a world authority in her field, working closely with the WHO, the World Council of Churches and Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (where she had a faculty position). She was a leading trainer of indigenous healthcare workers, became a leading authority utilizing the healing properties of local herbs and how ‘well-ness’ is understood in different cultures (which involved rich dialogue with local healers). She was awarded the OBE for her work. Quite recently she was ordained to the Anglican ministry.

Pat’s funeral will be held at St Mary’s Upton at 11.00am on 5 May. CMS will be represented. The vicar the Rev Graeme Skinner is preparing a book of condolences. Anyone may contribute, email Also, if anyone has stories of Pat and how she influenced their lives, Graeme Skinner would be glad to receive it via email.

May she rest in peace and rise in glory.

John Martin, CMS Head of Communications 

There are more details on the CMS website  including links to other webarchive materials on her ministry including a nice article on Dr Pat going clubbin

I personally remember Dr Pat Nickson's keen interest in Afghanistan where she had served as a community health practitioner. She was always keen to be updated on developments. She was a person with a very wide grasp of global affairs haveing lived and served in DR Congo,   Bangladesh,  Afghanistan - some of the world's real troublespots. A great lady with a  great spirit. 


Colin Darling said...

Very sad to hear this news. I met Pat very few times but knew of her remarkable work in DR Congo.

The age of 62 seems so early to go to be with the Lord. Our loss her gain...


MullanaNasruddin said...

I gather there will be an obituary in the Church Times and the Times (I think)
I'll try to post the links

MullanaNasruddin said...

There appeared an obituary in the Church Times

Unknown said...

For further information on the life and works of Pat Nickson, and her unpublished book "Diamonds in the Darkness" -
Please visit