Thursday, 12 August 2010

Pakistan Floods 'an area the size of England'

I remember times when I lived in Pakistan when torrential rain brought flooded roads and mud everywhere so that life was disrupted for a few days. But I find it hard to really comprehend the extensiveness of the present flooding and human misery in Pakistan. Hearing ‘an area the size of England is flooded’ and harrowing experiences of victims whose children were washed away, homes demolished, livestock and crops destroyed only starts to give some idea of the scale of the disaster that has struck millions of people and the country as a whole.
And what can anyone do?
Here, we held an emergency meeting on Monday. We had been asked by another organisation to receive donations on their behalf for the Pak Mission Society and we have a project for that. ...... We have agreed the secondment of a mission partner in Pakistan to Tearfund. I have also set up an undesignated flood relief fund to be used where needed. John Hayward

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