Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Afghan videos - what a waste

Two excellent movies (on vimeo) produced by Brian Cardarelli, one of the 10 aid workers killed in Afghanistan. (Thanks Khalid and Martin for pointing them out). He was with the Nuristan team to produce a video of the work. Sadly no more videos from him. What a waste......

Buzkashi from Brian Carderelli on Vimeo.

a metaphor of Afghanistan
Filmed in Faizabad, Afghanistan.

Hammer Jam from Brian Carderelli on Vimeo.

A modern twist on an ancient job.
Filmed in Mazar, Afghanistan.


Unknown said...

In this world there is a darkness in the heart of some who wish to destroy goodness and beauty.

These images show the art in humanity that lives on regardless of the evil out there.

The goodness of the aid workers killed in Afghanistan will live on in the lives of the people that they so selflessly helped.

Tom Peek

MullanaNasruddin said...

I totally agree Tom I found them very inspiring esp the Buzkashi video
But now unfortunately vimeo haev put a block on them! strange ....