Friday, 13 August 2010

10 Murdered Medical Aid workers in Afghanistan

From top left, Glen D. Lapp, Tom Little, Dan Terry, Thomas Grams, Cheryl Beckett,
Brian Carderelli, Karen Woo, Daniela Beyer, Mahram Ali, and Jawed

I have been following the news about the Noor Eye Camp team which was murdered - gunned down in fact - after they had trekked into and out of Nooristan and were returning to Kabul via a 'safer route' through Badakhshan. Below are the news reports as I posted them via Twitter feed and Facebook Updates. You can click on the links to see the newspaper reports:

Eight foreign medics & 2 afghans executed by Taliban | Raw Story: - tragic deaths of charity workers

07 August at 15:30

10 Aid Workers, Including 6 Americans, Killed in Afghanistan: Photo: AP An international Christian charity says mi...

07 August at 15:36

RT @cmsmission RT @AlertNet: Eight foreign medical workers killed in #Afghanistan #aid #health #aidworkers

07 August at 15:40

Very saddened by News of killing of 10 Noor workers returning from eyecamps. Been thinking about it all day. I knew the leader Dr Tom well

07 August at 22:25

RT @journeytosmile Murdered medics: Was the Taliban responsible? Or was it Nuristani bandits

08 August at 14:22

BBC Tributes paid to Dr Karen Woo killed in Afghan ambush - 'a true hero'

08 August at 19:14

Reading @cbsnews: Afghan Medical Mission Ends In Death For 10: - a helpful summary report. I knew Dr Tom well. very sad

08 August at 19:25

‎'Little family in Afghanistan' news_id=566 a photo essay on the 'Little Family' with a BIG impact

08 August at 19:28

Slain Workers Undaunted by Risks, Friends Say

08 August at 19:46

Afghan politician Abdullah praises killed medics He trained under Dr Tom Little.

08 August at 21:47

Libby Little talking about Noor's work

08 August at 23:29

‎'Victims of Afghan massacre gave years of service' very good background on the Nuristan team

09 August at 11:15 Just realised Cheryl was one of those killed!

09 August at 18:08

AP Exclusive: Aid workers' last moments

12 August at 09:00

Ten Dead in Badakhshan: Four Afghan Reflections

12 August at 9.01

'Killing aid workers: unravelling Afghan society' Michael Semple

12 August at 11:05

In Kabul, a Service for Slain Aid Workers

13 August at 14.00