Friday, 18 December 2009

A Procession of Prayers for Christmas

Prayers from around the world for Saturday's International carol service. All from John Carden's Procession of Prayers


Bright moon, scattered stars; so solitary is creation. The universe which God has created is especially silent on this night, It waits with bated breath for the Lord of Creation to return. The universe belongs to God. It is his home

Silence reigns supreme. The flowers of the field sway gently in the moonlight. This night, the vast earth awaits the homecoming of our Creator God. The vast earth and open fields belong to God. They are his home

Bethlehem lies dreaming. In his gentle mother’s arms the babe sleeps peacefully this night, The city of David awaits the homecoming of David’s descendant. The town of Bethlehem belongs to him. It is his home.

My bones, my flesh, my blood, my lungs and my heart, we are all made by his hand. This night, my heart is at peace, awaiting my Creator’s return. My heart belongs to him. It is his home


Heavenly Father

We thank you for your love

Especially to women who work with poor people

Teaching, nursing, and helping women during their labour.

We pray you to give them wisdom;

Guide them always to fulfil their duties without difficulties.

Lord, be with those they work with and send your Holy Spirit

To give us love to help all people.

We pray you to lead us through Jesus Christ, our Saviour. Amen

India (based on Maharati hymn)

Behold how the angels sing

Glory in the highest

Peace on earth

Love has taken a name and a form, and,

becoming meek for his helpless creatures,

has come to earth

The finger on which the sun is set as a diamond

He puts in his mouth

and plays with in a small cowshed

O Christ, give us this mind

That as the finger turns and beckons

We too may respond

United Kingdom

‘Lord God, Farther of Jesus Christ, be present, we pray at our Christmas celebrations which honour the birth of your Son, and make them fine and full; make our greetings sincere and our giving real; make our eating and drinking a delight without becoming an excess; enliven our relationship, both within our families and beyond them,with the Spirit of the Christ child’ Amen

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