Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Our journey to smile: Afghan Youth Peace volunteers

I was sent a link to a fascinating project in Afghanistan 'Our journey to smial: Afgan Peace volunteers. 2 video links are below:

Afghan lady & girl stand with vigil youth to give greetings of peace

The technical difficulties in uploading this video was worth it ; just to hear Nazuko and Parwin’s ordinary Afghan voices of peace raised along with a slowly growing heart-storm of love!

Watch an Afghan lady & girl stand with peace youth volunteers in greetings to the U.S. Ambassador Eikenberry, who urged for no troop surge.

Zekerullah, “Eikenberry Sir & your wife, do you have time to be with us at the Bamiyan Peace Park?”

Nazuko : “We wish for peace. Love is how we’ll ask for peace.”

The love in Zekerullah's journey to peace

Watch 13 year old Zekerullah explain why ‘there’s no justice or truth in Afg today’

Zekerullah, a 13 year Afghan youth peace volunteer who is taking part in the peace vigils at Bamiyan Peace Park, is learning to walk that 2nd mile for love.

Love speaks the truth with gentleness, calling corruption corruption, not a budding democracy.

Love will not nurture greed in Afghan robes or international suits.

Love walks 2 hours in the mud to earn a decent penny though it is aware that, by economic design, money and power are not with those who walk.

Love deliberately asks ‘Does Zekerullah deserve a decent livelihood as much as I do?’

Love waits eagerly for peace and justice, even if, by ‘fateful neglect’, it is un-noticed and un-rewarded.

Love knows that killing in whatever name, even in the name of ‘Overseas Contingency Operations’, is killing. Killing removes life and love; we are not able to justify to Zekerullah that killing is a civil response for our ‘contingencies’.

Love recognizes that war is not peace, whatever its prize.

Love empathizes with soldiers and victims who suffer post-traumatic stress, knowing that it is an ORDER of human conscience that can guide Mankind to wholeness, pleading ‘Enough. Please stop!’

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