Thursday, 29 October 2009

ee it were grand

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We went 'Up North' to visit my sister in Richmond and had a great break. On the drive up we kept seeing signs saying 'The North' never quite sure when we had crossed over from 'the South'. But we had a great time.
A day trip to York, walking along the Gates. window shopping and book-buying; a 2 hour guided walk lead by a voluntary guide around the medieval walls, and finishing off the day by attending Said Evening Prayer (BCP) at the Minster.

We also visited Easby Abbey a lovely walk from the restored Richmond Station, which is now cinema, art gallery, shops and Restaurant. we even bumped into people there we'd known from Karachi days - amazing.

But it is the simplicity of the countryside that was so evocative. Even in the cold and damp. The mist and biting winds. Autumnal colours and pristine beauty of the moors and cottages. Sheep and dogs. Maybe on this trip it was summed up best by Peter Boook's art which I 'discovered' for the first time even though I've seen the prints in my sister's house before.
It is well worth visiting his online gallery

Peter Brook, the Pennine landscape painter, was born in the winter of 1927. He taught art at Sowerby Grammar school before becoming a full time artist in his 40's. Peter has painted many areas of the British Isles including Scotland, Cornwall and the Potteries but his first love is the Yorkshire Pennines; often in winter. His paintings depict a vanishing world; a world of farmhouses on the moors, of mills, of people who inhabit the area etc and include an element of humour, which is so much part of Peter's character. Peter Brook married Molly in 1950 and they have two children. They live in West Yorkshire near his beloved Pennines and favourite woods. The Smithy Gallery

ee it were grand.

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