Sunday, 11 October 2009

Holy Ground

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a space to encounter God Self and others in silance, reflective activity, creativity, community

'Holy ground is work in progress and will be shaped by those who come .... hosted by Trinity Methodist Church .... open to spiritual travellers from any church or none'

I went to the first evening (11th Oct) entiled 'In the Presence of the creator: reflecting on the wonder and worry of creation'. The next evening is Waiting for the Light: how do we wait in hope when darkness is all around. reflections for Advent in music, images and words (29 Nov)
for more details see their website

The centre piece was a creation table and the reading of the Genesis creation narrative.
Very simple and very moving.

then 4 activity stations
Chaos - newspaper clips and cuttings pinned onto a board
Order - laminated images cut up and as puzzles to be put back together
Creativity - clay modelling tro draw out individual creativity
Blessings - a 'mind map' of words of blessing around community, family, friends

Ambient music and reflective space

The evening was finished off with poem and (Cain) blessing

deep peace, pure white of the moon to you
deep peace, pure green of the grass to you
deep peace, pure brown of the earth to you
deep peace, pure grey of the dew to you
deep peace, pure blue of the sky to you

deep peace of the running wave to you
deep peace of the flowing air to you
deep peace of the quiet earth to you
deep peace of the shining stars to you
deep peace of the Son of Peace to you

Picture of a burning bush (in black and white only)

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