Sunday, 25 October 2009

Playing for change : One Love

I have been totally inspired by a You Tube video 'Playing for Change'
Do check it out. Promoting 'peace through music'

For me it expresses something of a vision I have had for a long time from a summer school back in 2000, a dream or vision of CMS as:

‘A feast, a celebration, a multi-cultural event of ‘world music’, a rich variety, kaleidoscope, mosaic, tapestry, with colour and variety, great diversity and various harmonies. Cultural differences being apparent and exaggerated eg African drums, Irish Bodhran, Indian Tabla and Pakistani Nal/Dolak . But still a Unity : One world - a praise song expressing the ‘Love of God’ and celebrating a common humanity. An increasingly energetic drum beat (like the Millenium Song: ‘A Perfect Day’.) One song with many manifestations: With people from the margins at the centre of the song’ (‘addicts’, ‘criminals’ ‘prostitutes’,’ unemployed’, ‘disadvantaged’ as part of this great recovery movement)

That was written abck in 2000 and as you can see, 'Playing for change' really connects with that vision:

See full size image

Playing for change have a new film out and suggest that people host a 'peace through music' party. Go for it !

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