Thursday, 8 October 2009

Crossing the bridge between St Paul's & Tate Modern

Jonny Baker shared an image at our sacred:space on Saturday that connected with me very much. He spoke of the millenium bridge in London which crosses between St Pauls at one end and the Tate Modern at the other. He suggested that alt. worship is such a bridge, an attempt to cross between the institutional historic church and modern contemporary art and culture.
I seem to remember when the Millenium bridge was first opened it vibrated and swayed when people walked on it, and felt very unstable, and had to be closed and strengthened. Let (s)he who has ears to hear listen to what the Spirit is saying to the churches !
The challenge in worship is encountering Christ, the 'enfleshing of God', through our cultural lens 'on the inside of our culture'. Alt worship, like good mission, is both incarnational and contextual.

Grace is a community that has been running for over 15 years, experimenting with various forms of worship, visual, liturgical, creative, social, communal, experimental. All they do is framed by 4 key words which represent their values as a community
  • create
  • participate
  • engage
  • risk
They see liturgy rather than a consumer activity run by professionals, as 'the work of the people', 'something we make together' It is an adventure of the imagination.

We finished the evening by participating in an act of worship - led by Jonny and Jenny - a communion service around the theme of 'wounded in all the right places' based on the song by 'One Giant Leap' Flikkr has an album of pics from a Grace service on the theme

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