Friday, 4 September 2009

The Sinking Islands

Carteret Islands

The Sinking Islands

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6/6. As sea-levels rise, Dan Box witnesses one Pacific island community's climate change exodus

I've just listened to a fascinating programme on Radio-4 about the 'first climate-change refugees' following Dan Box's journey to the sinking Cararet Islands - A BBC 'journey of a lifetime' - Dan was the winner of the annual BBC/Royal Geographical Society's competition for travellers who want to fulfil their dream journey.

Dan at work 001 by dan boxTo the islands by dan boxAround the island1 by dan box

You can read more on Dan Box's BLOG and see more pics on his photostream
He will be speaking at the Royal Geographical Society about the trip on Oct 6th and Dec 14th Monday night lecture

Radio 4 aslo has a related programme

Tom Heap reports on the first large scale human evacuation due to climate change. The Carteret Islands, a small coral atoll in the South Pacific are slowly being submerged by the rising sea, forcing the removal of hundreds of islanders to nearby Papua New Guinea.

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