Friday, 18 September 2009


The Motor Scooter was becoming uncomfortable on such a hot day. We went to coast but couldn’t get a boat to the island which used to be a lepers colony then a prison and now a resort

Went to the snake temple, which had 'lost its sting' and had little impact on me. I used to be really scared of snakes. Now I just dislike them.

No way we could have driven round the island on the scooter in the time we had allowed so we called it a day and headed back to George Town

Evening watched football Chelsea and Villa in a Chinese food mart drinking ice-cold Tiger and eating hot chicken satay

Sunday went to St Georges church Rev Ho King Eng preaching (50 mins) A relaxed service worship led by keyboard and 2 vocalists all the songs projected. Mixed congregation young looking. Food was served afterwards, Soup and Bread, Chicken and Rice. Coffee and cake. We spoke to people from UK with YWAM and USA with SIL, plus locals

The Church is being decommissioned in a fortnight by Bishop Ny Moon Hing prior to extensive renovation by the Malaysian Govt of this National Monument which will take 2 years.

We walked to Fort Cornwallis which was unfortunately closed on Sunday (funny thing is I don’t remember going round it)

We passed the Diamond Jubilee clock tower 1837-1897 and Jetty at Sweetenham Penang Port to QEII Church street pier et 1897 and had a pizza and beer . It was probably here that I remembered coming to Penang at the beginning of the great adventure.

At Butterworth we ditched the not so comfortable bus at the last minute in favour of the slower more spacious more elegant train. So I left Penang the same way as 45 years ago. By ferry and overnight train.

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