Monday, 7 September 2009

Greenbelt: 'spirituality on the edge'

we just had a great mini Greenbelt in Woking as part of our monthly Sat night 'sacred:space', proving that you can take a festival back to church with you.


1 Performance Cafe (30) introduction to Greenbelt – The Kitchen - Open Mike. live performance - songs, stories, poems, couch-thoughts, anything goes!

2 Greenbelt punting (30) wander around the venue - Overflow 'G:source' - Prayer:space, Tent Talk, Stalls; Art Gallery; plus Mainstage - Music videos.

3 Community Hymns (30) 'Beer and Hymns' in the 'Jesus Arms' -community singing & Blessing

Greenbelt 2009 AS 1058Greenbelt Festival 2009Greenbelt Festival 2009


Food and Drink : Cheese and Wine : Beer and Nibbles


Greenbelt 2009 AS 9918

Sam Watts - songs & Reflections

Mike Cope - Reflection and Song

Nigel Griffiths (aka Bruce Cockburn)

MAINSTAGE: LINEUP (big Screen music videos)

Greenbelt Festival 2009

Kitaro (Heaven and Earth), Hayley Westenra (Amazing Grace/ Benedictus) / Boccelli (‘Canto Della Terra’), One Giant Leap (unity/ faith); Sinead O’Connor (intro to theology/ Jeremiah/ Isaiah); Sigur Ros (glosoli, hoppipollia); Jeff Buckley (Hallelujah/Grace); Melissa Etheridge (Kingdom of Heaven) Ukulele Orchestra of GB (The Good the Bad and the Ugly); Dayvan Music Video + Foy Vance: (Gabriel and the Vagabond)

We didn't even get a chance to play them all only those in Italics


The Art of He Qi – from Nanjing - 3 paintings


East and West video + Aradhna music

Sanctuary: PraiseRepentAskYield

PRAISE a moment to focus on (& hold) the Cross and give thanks using the Prayer cards

REPENT take a stone representing a burden and pause for thought before letting it go in the water.

ASK - light a candle of prayer for someone you are concerned about

YIELD make a personal act of commitment & seal it with a sweet


Greenbelt Festival 2009

Standing in the Long Now’ browse newspapers and programmes - Quotes, Poems, Books

Stalls: CMS (Phil) - Christian Aid (Bob) - Love Russia (Caroline) - A Rocha - Re:roote (Jo)



Listen to a talk in the Tent (Andy) whilst modelling clay : Mike Yaconelli - Rob Bell - Brian McLaren


Community singing lead by Father Ian from All Saints Woodham. Brilliant.

And then finish with a communal blessing to finish a great evening:


John O'Donohue

"It is a very cool thing, a blessing. It has a democracy and equality in it, a sense of intention and well-wishing that is concerned more with the destiny of someone rather than their destination."

A blessing from Juli Allen written at Greenbelt 2008 during the Proost Lounge session.

blessings on you who have entered this space-
who have travelled far and near to be in this space. 
let your soul sigh in this space. 
let yourself be undone in this space.
 let yourself feel the love that surrounds, and permeates, and brings this space together.
 breathe it in and let it wash over you. 
for some, this marks the beginning. 
the beginning of a new year,
 a new song, 
a new season.
 for others it is a close, an end, a period at the end of a chapter.
 hopes have been sparked here.
 dreams have begun here. 
revolutions and relationships have arisen here. 
and as a phoenix, we will descend in all the glorious shades of red, and orange, and yellow. 
this time together...
this space together...
this experience together...
we will take deep, deep down into our bellies 
where a fire will burn that will take us through the next year. 
until we meet again we will carry within us memories that will never leave us.
 embrace what is left in this space,
 and in this time soak up all that you can,
 and be sent out knowing that you are loved and you are blessed.

Greenbelt 2009 ED 9964Greenbelt Festival 2009Greenbelt 2009 AS 1058Greenbelt Festival 2009

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