Monday, 8 December 2014

We make the road by walking Advent 1 Prophesy

a fabulous 'prophetic' song by Sinead O'Connor (She looks great in a dog collar)

What are your 8 good reasons to stick around? I found myself thinking of this in terms of Brian McLaren's question about prophetic hope in our everyday contemporary context and thinking about what I actually do ......... 
 My 8 good reasons include 
  • FAMILY (R T J A J), 
  • faith, 
  • health, 
  • work/ministry, 
  • network of friends/contacts; 
  •  home/house, 
  • Pounstina, 
  • Ceili&Walks... 
  • and an open fire...

and my favourite quote so far from the book....... 
'to be alive in the adventure of Jesus is to have a desire, a dream, a hope for the future. It is to translate that hope for the future into action.... in the present and to keep acting in the light of it, no matter the disappointments, no matter the setbacks and delays. (p80)

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