Monday, 1 July 2013

Pioneering @ CMS

Some of you maybe aware that we are exploring a merger of sacred:space (@ Christchurch Woking) and HolyGround  ( @ Trinity Methodists) and creating a new FX -  Fresh Expression of Church 

So I was looking at the CMS Pioneer website to get some inspiration and found a few things  which might be of  interest to others.    

PIONEER HUB -   This supported by  and South Central Regional Training
Partnership  RTP  which includes our own Guildford Diocese

As part of the Pioneer Hub they are creating a  Community of Practice  and meet locally for informal conversations (typically in coffee shops around the country)  Coming to a starbucks near you.....!

Have  a look at the brochure - It is all about what has already happened  but gives you an idea   This look like just what we need to support our new FX venture!    You can also read about Chrissie Lacey's involvement   She did a Pioneer Witness about ScAT, Woking. I took a picture of her preaching from a bath at Christchurch one Sunday evening service - I think it was about soaking prayer but I can't really remember - but it was nonetheless very pioneering!

There is also a regular Pioneer blog.  For example here's one about Jonny Baker's  trip to Seoul, Korea a place I know well.   You quickly learn the biblical imperative to 'eat what is set before you'

I noticed an OPEN DAY on TUES 12 NOV:  Conversations on Pioneering: Research and Reflections   costing £15 at CMS, Oxford. Looks like some very good content. Anyone interested in attending?   I am..... Maybe we could go together ?

There is also a PIONEER OPEN DAY  on Tuesday 26 Nov 2013   (Also Tuesday 11 Feb 2014  Tuesday 13 May 2014) You can download the flyer here  By the way it seems that most things happen on a Tuesday with CMS pioneers.

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