Saturday, 19 May 2012

Prague Reflections

Prague is a great place for a City Break. Except that it was far too cold and we didn't bring enough warm clothing. That was back in February for half term (last year, 2011!). My first time in what I have always known as Czechoslovakia,  now the Czech Republic. 

Reflections - Charles Bridge, Prague 

Prague is a great city, built along the River  with lots to do - good food, plenty to see, especially the austere Prague Castle complex - including St Vitrus Cathedral with its wonderful gargoyles and Lobkowicz the Old Royal Palace. A great place to wander and watch over the city.  I particularly enjoyed the art galleries. Inspirational... 

We went on a free walking tour starting at the clock Tower in the Town Square.  
Charles Bridge (Karluv Most) joins the two halves of the City, crossing the Vlitava River and is adorned by 75 statues. It's full of tourists. We spent quite a bit of time there too. 

My Oil Pastel drawing is of Charles Bridge at night - reflections on the black Vlitava River.......  

I nearly went again this week for the ISAAC European Conference, 17th - 20th May hosted by Teen Challenge. In the end I'd done enough traveling recently and needed to be around home for a bit.  

ISAAC is a consortium of Christian Drug rehabilitation Programmes around the world  I've been involved since its inception in Florida in 1997. In fact, the first Gen Sec, Dave Partington and myself did a consultation of another Network in the Indian Sub Continent 'FORUM' for Tearfund earlier, that indirectly led to its formation. I continue involvement now, especially in the expansion of ISAAC in Asia. It's a great network of amazing people.  

Visit the ISAAC website. We also have a FACEBOOK page and community if you are interested.      

The Old Prague Astronomical Clock in the OLD Town Square, with the hourly 'Walk of the Apostles' 

The City tour starts near the Old Clock in the Prague Town Square. But it's not just the old astronomical clock  that has the hourly 'Walk of the Apostles'. Many apostles are apparent in the ISAAC Network as well.....  

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