Sunday, 1 April 2012

MOLLA NASRADDIN: The Original April Fool?

Today we celebrate April's Fool
We had a church notice mentioning a unknown crypt that had been found during renovation works on the town square
I also posted atweet about virtual communion being agreed by the Pope and ABC
Not sure many were fooled by either !

But then I came across a B&W Russian Molla Nasraddin film on YouTube.  I had to include it even if it's in Russian cos it looks wonderful. Its only 3 mins - definatley worth watching.....

In was particularly interesting in taht  Molla Nasraddin is taking to a 
girl in a swimsuit!? (They don't usually go together in my mind)
So I checked it out with a Russian friend who wrote back: 

I wonder where you've got this piece? Fascinating! ...... Apparently Nasraddin is teaching a modern (swimsuit-clad) lady that appearances may be deceiving, how people may attribute qualities to other people or deprive them of what they've got, just because of appearance. He also rambles that Khalifs, Ghanghis Khans (the guy in a posh car) and Omar Khayyams are still living among us. He then challenges her to look for Nasraddin around, as he is still alive. He also questions the idea of building a monument to him, as he may still do something wrong and may not deserve it. His final line is about his donkey that does not want to get down: 'Ah, donkey, donkey. It's still a donkey even if it went to Mecca.'   Typical Nasraddin!

So why is Ghenghis Khan riding in a posh car ?   ..... I  connected it to the donkey at the end who won't come off his pedestal?

It reminded me of a joke I originally heard in Urdu 
"Gaddagari aur gari men kya ferak hota hai?"    Whats the difference between a Donkey car)t) and  an ordinary car 

"GaddaGari men gadda bahar hota hai!"    With a donkey car(t) the doinkey is on the outside ......1 

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