Thursday, 26 June 2014

#LoveFast during #30days of #Ramadan

I am currently running a social networking campaign called #LoveFast  as part of #Mahabba #30days of prayer&action during #Ramadan
Join us for 30 days of Christian prayer and action during Ramadan (similar to Stewardship’s #40Acts Generosity campaign during Lent). 

This will run alongside the #30Days of Prayer for the Muslim World campaign.>  

There is a Twitter feed; Facebook page; information on MahabbaonTheCity & MahabbaNetwork website.

And there is an opportunity for you to interact with your blogs, responses,  ideas, pictures, stories. We want you to be able to get involved with prayer and action during the Muslim month of Ramadan….

Come and join us…     

Twitter feed @MahabbaNetwork  
Facebook page  MahabbaNetwork ;
Mahabba Network website
The 4 page leaflet/brochure - full of links to youtube etc to get started - can be downloaded via Drop Box 

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