Wednesday, 4 June 2014

greenbelt: travelling light

A Poem by Irish poet & bridge-builder
Pádraig Ó Tuama on Greenbelt’s theme:

Because sometimes we
travel heavy
and those heady times we
can barely
imagine the freebody
movement of

Because sometimes we
travel dark
and from those hard paths we
can’t even
conjure an image of
or moonrise
or starlight
or fire.
Because sometimes we
travel solo
and those lonely times we
forget all the others
we’ve travelled with
travelled with
Because sometimes we
need to be
travelling lightly
because sometimes we’re in need of
regular reminding
that light comes in circles
and waves
and small moments

and light
comes to find us
and light comes with hope.

message from holy:;ground – Everyone is welcome to tag along to Greenbelt. No Holy Gnomes this year but we will be involved in Site Worship. Bring your own tent….  and book through the greenbelt website (details under calendar and event list on the holy::ground website

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