Friday, 29 May 2009

Violent times Vulnerable minorities DAWN Pakistan

Violent times, vulnerable minorities  

The DAWN News, Pakistan 

28th May 2009 



As the Taliban gain a stronger foothold in Pakistan, increasingly violent assaults against religious minorities are further evidence of its growing power and influence. While the Taliban do not carry out all of the attacks, extremist elements inspired by the group are likely to sometimes act in its name. 

Christians pray during a service at a church in the Christian slum of Teisar Town, on the northern edge of Karachi. The service was the first in the neighborhood since an April 22 attack by a mob of men shouting pro-Taliban slogans left one child dead and several others injured.Life has never been easy for non-Muslims in Pakistan, but a creeping Taliban expansion has brought increasingly belligerent and violent attacks. — AP/Greg Baker

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