Friday, 5 December 2008

Catching the Tiger's Tail in Pakistan

I came across this fascinating account of a church meeting in Pakistan  

'This morning they took me to the largest Church to preach. I have never seen such a gathering in Pakistan, hundreds and hundreds of people came to the Church…. I talked about the Ethiopian eunuch. I said that I am an Ethiopian, I am the spiritual son of the Ethiopian eunuch (definitely not physical since he was Eunuch) Philip shared the gospel to Ethiopian Eunuch, The Ethiopian Eunuch (most likely) shared the gospel to us Ethiopians, We Ethiopians are sharing the gospel in Pakistan, India, South Sudan and looking ways and opportunities to share in others parts of the world out of our poverty, but what about you? If my Church is able to send me up to Pakistan, are you not able to send someone at least within Pakistan? Have you realized that your slogan ‘we are poor, we are poor’ is not a reason but an excuse not to obey the Lord? 
At the end of my sermon I asked one question. Those of you who are convinced with the truthfulness of this message and are willing to give 10 rupees and above every month, would you please raise your hands up? 80% of the congregation raised their hands. I said, would you please stand up? They stood up. Again I said, would you come forward to the pulpit. People flocked into the pulpit. I asked the elders, pastor, and all the Choir members to take pens and papers and write these people’s names and the amount of money they are going to give consistently every month. The funny thing was in the midst of all these the pastor came to me and said “almost all the people are coming, it will take time to register their names, so , would you leave it so that we may do it other time? I said, no, it will not take more than five minutes, you yourself write their names, let others also quickly write. As I said they completed writing their names within 5-7minutes. I asked them to elect a mission mobilization committee which comprises a chairman, a secretary, a treasurer, and two committee members. I clearly told them that this money is not to pay their electric bill, Gus bill, it is not even to pay for the pastor’s salary. It is solely to send a missionary from this local Church and back him up financially. Finally they put some amount of money in an envelope and blessed me. I gave that money back to them so that it may be a seed money for opening a separate account and send a missionary from that Church. Please would you pray for Presbyterian Church not to leave the tiger’s tail. ……. TODAY THEY HAVE CAUGHT THE TIGER”S TAIL' 

by an Ethiopian

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