Friday, 5 October 2007

He Qi – crucifixion

I have only recently been introduced to He Qi’ s stunning art.

He is a Chinese artist, Professor at a Nanjing Union Theological Seminary He currently lives in Mineappolis

He has exhibited in Kyoto, Hong Kong, Geneve, Hamburg, London, St.Paul, San Francisco, Berkeley and Madison, NewHaven, Minneapolis, St.Paul, Madison, Washington, Princeton, Detroit, Tornoto, as well as in mainland China. Now he is adding Oxford to his list.

The image of the Crucified Christ surrounded by those from the margins is, for me, the most moving - the prisoner behind bars; the Person-with-Aids; the prostitute; the poor man lying on the pavement; the parent mourning her dead child. It is controversial because of the nude woman clinging to Christ, but then Christ's ministry to those on the margins has always been controversial. And it certainly acknowledges and highlights the pressing social issues we face today.

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