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Woking Street Angels - a cold and busy night

Woking Street Angels Report – Saturday 9th Feb 2013
Libby, my partner for the evening wrote up a full and detailed report of the evening which will give you a very good idea of what goes on during a 'typical Saturday night out with the Angels'    (NB I have changed all the names, except mine!)

Two in a space blanket. Just what is needed on those cold nights!

It was a rainy cold evening/night but not quite as cold as predicted so that was a bonus!  ….though by 0430 having stood around trying to sort out a “domestic” for an hour  - it was pretty chilly!! (more later).
Libby and Phil on first tour of duty gave out our “earliest” flip flops at 10:30 – to a lady and her friend who had been to BINGO!! She was tottering on her 7” heels and so thankful to have ff’s to catch the train back to Guildford. Despite her protestation of not being under the influence – we feel she may just have had a sherry or two!!
Quake was open this evening – for a Special Needs Night: it was a well organised evening with plenty of able bodied helpers. We came across an unconscious female lying on the pavement outside around 1045 being tended by an older man who turned out to be her father and two onlookers (one young male and one female: they were disability workers who knew the girl). They all said they did not need help and this was a regular occurrence – girl was out sparko. Police arrived and they were told that no help was needed. Dad kept talking to girl and flicking her face – no response at all for what seemed an age: we were getting quite anxious: they all seemed unperturbed. They did accept offer of blanket. Then, quick as a flash she suddenly came to, leapt up, and walked off with Dad and got into their nearby car!! The young couple explained that she had a known medical condition that they could not disclose. Amazing that she was instantly conscious and OK.

Another meeting by Pete and Jo  was with a quite drunk young black man who professed to be earning £2k a day as a business adviser and offered Pete his card – it was the card of a lady Law specialist. Pete emailed her to alert her that this chap has a stash of her cards!

There were a number of great conversations with men and women on the work of SA and how much appreciated it was which was heartening. A pretty busy night in all  venues.

Whilst walking by McDonald’s at about 1pm we were alerted by a female that there was a girl in there having a cheeseburger who was in a bad way and was a Type 1 Diabetic – Heather was very drunk and very disorientated but gradually came to and started to talk as the cheeseburger took effect and then she had a coffee. She was from Ashford, had come to Woking with best friend Gail (they worked together as hairdressers) but Heather said she had deserted her and Gail had a plan to get home. Heather had Gail’s car keys in her purse. There followed a series of texts/phone calls/visit from friends they had met during the evening in Woking and lots of abuse and ranting – threats to be removed from McD’s if not calmed down. A group of other youngsters nearby offered to help to find Gail in the other clubs: they were brilliant and we gave them all lollies and Street Angel info cards told them to apply to help: especially one lad who was a 'real angel' and managed to somehow get Heather to give him her Dad’s phone number so we could call him to maybe collect Heather – She was very resistant to this: did not want her Dad involved and also had no money for taxi and neither did he - £35. We were about to offer to help towards this when one of the other girls came in and said that the Police would take her home if she was a diabetic but would first have to get para-medics to check her out. She refused. Finally after about an hour it was agreed that the £6 she had would be given to taxi driver and Dad would pay balance when she got back home.  Khalil of Boomerang Taxis took her to Ashford.

At the end of the evening around 03:30 just as all was calming and kebab shops were emptying etc we came across one very distraught young woman being huddled along by another very brisk, efficient lady in cowgirl outfit: as we offered help Susan declined and said they were fine, We watched them hail down a passing Police van and speak to the driver. The van drove off the girls walked towards us – it seems that Grace (distraught one - very pale, tearful and shivering) was concerned about her husband Kevin who was very drunk and threatening to hit her. He was around the back of Weatherspoons in the Car Park area. We went with them to investigate – joined by Susan’s boyfriend (Jeff, bouncer from Chameleon). Kevin was stood still swaying and raging …. swearing obscenities at anyone who approached him or tried to talk to him. Jeff seemed to be doing well – telling him to be a gentleman and take Grace home – all he would say was that he had given her the money for the taxi. She would not go home without him but was worried about what he might do. They finally got into a taxi together at about 0430 – with all 6 angels standing by - we are all anxious about what may have happened but they are married and unless she reports abuse or leaves him nothing will change. We gave her a contact number card and advised her not to go. The other couple were very helpful and Susan who did not know Grace wanted her to go home with them. Kevin at one point went from being aggressive and rude to emotionally and self harming – we all felt that he maybe had taken some drugs. Boomerang Taxis were again helpful took them home, 'cos they knew them well.
Another fight occurred in McD’s whilst we were in there with Heather – two young ladies being abusive were asked to leave by bouncers, would not so were ejected – there ensued a ruckus on the pavement and we called Police to deal with it. The two bouncers were hit and scratched.

£15 found in street by Jo & Jeff – a profitable night! The money was put in the kitty.

We were surprised to meet two Town Marshalls at around 11pm – Arran and Lewis ….they were surprised that we did not know they would be out! Seem to be similar to us but paid and looking at licensed premises and their applications more? It appears that the Town Marshalls are “hands on” in the sense that they responded before the Police to a fight and waded in to try to break it up.

Sorry this is a bit lengthy – busy night!

Vital Statistics 

Space blankets given out : 2
Fleece Blankets given out : 1
Knitted hats given out: 1 
Flip Flops : 5 pairs
Bottles/cans picked up : 38
People helped : 8
Contact cards given out : 2
Conversations over 18s : 17
Conversations under 18s : 4
Lollipops : dozens ! 

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